Peanuts with Coconut Juice

Tan Tan Peanuts with Coconut Juice is one of our longest running product. Within the domestic market, we have established strong brand recognition and consumer loyalty when it comes to peanuts with coconut juice; consumers immediately think of our brand name when they think of this snack.

Tan Tan Peanuts with Coconut Juice are made from high quality real coconut juice. The product is natural and does not contain preservatives, safe for health. The product is discreetly packaged to keep the full flavor and freshness of the product.

Storage Store in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight
Size 15g, 40g, 135g, 265g
Direction Ready to serve. Depending on preference, may taste better if product is kept cold. Best consumed within 15 days of opening
Packaging Bag, can
Ingredients Peanuts, wheat flour, sugar, vegetable oil, pure coconut juice, salt, coconut flavor
Expiration 12 months
Country of Origin Vietnam


During our production process, all steps are strictly supervised and controlled, from raw material input to final products, and toxic chemicals are absolutely free of use to make sure our products meet international standards. Tan Tan’s products have achieved important certificates for both the domestic and international markets:

Our products are presented in over 40 nations worldwide.